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Moretti S.r.l. - La Storia Moretti S.r.l.

Company was founded after the end of World War II, but the real productive activities of modular clamping system started only with the establishment in the actual plant of Villa Guardia in 1979.

Moretti with his technology, quality, and a wide commercial net became in the late 90’s an important name in the market taking part to all main sector exhibitions: a presence which continues nowadays contributing Moretti brand to be known worldwide.

In the late 90’s following market’s requests moretti faced a new challenge. More and more customers required the possibility to clamp aluminium plates and other a-magnetic materials in a safe and fast way, as they normally did with magnetic chucks: the solution to this problem was the birth of Moretti Vacuum System.

This new application found since the beginning a big interest on the market, and the following developments nowadays allow customers to use the system in a wide range of applications from titanium to plastic material: from ceramic to graphite.

With the arrival of the new century Moretti added to his range of material the revolutionary Granisint: a special material which weighting one third of cast iron and steel may grant the same mechanical characteristics.

In the last years, Moretti is still developing new researches to grant to the customers the best clamping supporting standard elements with new items even more versatile and innovative.